New vision for AstarFarm

▼What is Vegepoint? Vegepoints are Utility Points that can be used in AstarFarm. It can be acquired through various actions in AstarFarm. Various uses will be implemented in the future.

▼How to obtain Utility Points ●Vegepoints can be obtained once a day by decorating AstarFarmNFT. ●Vegepoints can be claimed when insects have eaten the crops in AstarFarm ●Participation in the Airdrop Campaign

▼Usage ●NFT growth NFTs sold from AstarFarm can be re-built (grown) by spending Vege Points. ●Various prizes can be obtained by turning the gacha (gacha).

▼Roadmap Phase1 - Start of displaying veg points Phase2 - Start of NFT sales Phase3 - Implementation of veg-point function Phase4 - Implementation of the function to decorate NFT Phase5 - Implementation of NFT Rebuild feature Phase6 - Implementation of Gacha function

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