α Version

In the α version, the game function is very simple because it is in the early stage of development. Future versions will add more player controllable content.
The alpha version is expected to last 1-2 months, the exact time will be informed when it is decided.
In the Alpha version, each person can stake 2000 ASTR. for every stake 500 ASTR you get one seed. If you stake 2000ASTR, you get 4 seeds. You can plant 4 seeds on the same plot of land or on each of the four plots. You can plant more than one seed per plot.
Next, you need to choose the lock time, the minimum you can choose is 21 days. After 3/1 lock time, the plants will grow to phase 2 where you can identify the species. In the case of 21 days lock time, on the eighth day it will grow into carrot, potato and tomato.
Please note! Crops may be eaten by insects as they grow, and eaten crops cannot be harvested (no ASTR returns) In the Alpha version, the player cannot do anything with the eaten crops. It can only be planted again or unstake after the lock time is over.
If your crop is not eaten by insects, congratulations you can harvest and sell the crop to get ASTR. The number of crops is 1-5 random results (the odds are equally). Different crops are sold at different prices. You will end up with = crop unit price x number of harvested.