α Version Feedback

α Version Feedback
▼ Event ASTAR FARM could not remove all ATAR locked by the user.
▼Causes The following causes were not noticed by either internal review, astar team review, or audit.
[Causes of not being able to withdraw. ] When the same crop was repeatedly applied for unstaking, the withdrawal process was delayed because it is not possible to unstake more than the staking amount.
[Causes of not being able to "Unstake".] The limitation of dAppStaking is that users can only apply for Unstake about every 3era (≒3days).
  • Time Series Technical validation (Astar Farm development team) ASTAR team review (ASTAR) Full implementation, internal review, and production release (Astar Farm development team) Audit (TECHFUND) ASTAR team reviewed the investigation regarding incapability of withdrawal (ASTAR management). Confirmation of cause (Astar Farm development team)
▼ Response
Full compensation: 176,853 ASTAR -User staking amount: 174,000, additional compensation: 2853